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"Any one can perform any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he is purported to be doing" [Robert Benchley]

work - behave in a certain way when dealt with; "This dough doesn't work effortlessly"; "The gentle steel works nicely"

continue to keep 1's nose towards the grindstone, retain one's shoulder on the wheel, peg absent, plug absent, slog - work doggedly or persistently; "She keeps plugging absent at her dissertation"

four. a portray, e book, piece of songs and so on. the works of Van Gogh / Shakespeare/Mozart; This work was composed in 1816. werk عَمَل فَنّي произведение obra dílo das Werk værk έργοobra teos اثر työ oeuvre יְצִירַת אוֹמָנוּת कृति djelo mű hasil karya verk opera 作品 작품 kūrinys sacerējums; ražojums; darbs hasil karya werkverkdzieło چار obra operă произведение dielo delo delo verk ชิ้นงาน sanat eseri 作品 твір, праця کوءی پینٹنگ، کتاب یا موسیقی وغیرہ tác phẩm 著作,作品

eleven. (Common Physics) physics the transfer of Power expressed since the product of the force and the space through which its place of application moves within the direction with the power. Abbreviation: W or w

work - gratify and allure, commonly as a way to influence; "the political prospect worked the crowds"

a portray, sculpture and so forth. kunswerk عَمَل فَنّي، لَوْحَه، تِمثال обект на изкуството obra de arte umělecké dílo das Kunstwerk kunstværk έργο τέχνηςobra de arte kunstiteos اثر هنری؛ کار هنری taideteos oeuvre d'art יִצִירָת אוֹמָנוּת कलाकृति umjetničko djelo műalkotás karya seni listaverk opera d'arte 美術品 예술품 meno kūrinys mākslas darbs karya seni seperti lukisan, ukiran kunstwerkkunstverkdzieło sztuki کار هنری obra de arte operă de artworkă произведение искусства umelecké dielo umetniško delo umetničko delo konst, konstnärligt verk งานศิลปะ sanat eseri 藝術品 твір мистецтва صناعی یا مصوری کا نمونہ tác phẩm nghệ thuật 工艺品

Work just like a Trojan —Anon A still well-known simile that experienced its origins within the Greek classics which portrayed the Trojans as tough workers.

go across, go, undergo - go throughout or through; "We passed the point the place the law enforcement vehicle had parked"; "A horrible considered went through his thoughts"

to start work on. We're pondering going to work on an extension to your home. te get started werk يَبدأ العَمَل عَلى започвам да работя occurçar a fazer začít práci na anfangen zu arbeiten gå igang med αρχίζω δουλειά σε/για empezar a hacer tööd alustama ترغیب کردن؛ به کاری پرداختن aloittaa työt jnk parissa entreprendre לְהַתחִיל לַעֲבוֹד कार्य आरंभ करना krenuti na posao belekezd mulai bekerja hefjast handa við (cominciare a fare) とりかかる 일을 시작하다 imtis ko ķerties pie (kāda darba) untuk memulakan kerja aanvattensette more info i gang arbeidet med rozpocząć prace nad کار کول occurçar a fazer a începe să lucreze la начать работу над začať prácu na lotiti se započeti rad sätta i gång med เริ่มดำเนินการ işe başlamak 著手處理或做 розпочинати роботу کسی چیز پر کام شروع کرنا tiếp tục làm việc 开始去做…

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the ways of scientific manufacturing unit management initial released from the early nineteenth century because of the American engineer Frederick W. Taylor, Specially the differential piece-rate program.

This simple fact is often called the Work-Electrical power Principle and is commonly an extremely great tool in mechanics issue resolving. It's derivable from conservation of Electrical power and the applying from the associations for work and Electricity, so It's not independent of your conservation laws.

Customers can take out not often-utilized applications without having getting rid of the app's data using the "Offload Application" button. This enables for a afterwards reinstallation with the app (if out there within the Application Store), in which knowledge returns and usage can continue on.

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